Travel Market Report's Maestro Series

In order to be a successful travel advisor, one must be skilled and knowledgeable in many areas. This includes sales, marketing, finance/accounting, customer relationship management, legal, public Relations. Leadership and of course knowing product and destinations!

Just like a Maestro conducting an orchestra with many instruments, advisors need to conduct their business with an understanding of each skillset so that their businesses run like a fine tuned orchestra!  This includes keeping up to date with new technology.  

So where does an advisor go for all of this information and how can they learn these skills in a cost effective and efficient manner?

As the media Voice of the Travel Advisor, Travel Market Report has gathered the top travel experts in their fields and is developing the Maestro series so that advisors can learn from these experts when and where it is convenient for them and in a cost effective manner!

Our objective is to provide one stop shopping of educational programs in video format that will allow advisors to learn from leading experts in a multitude of disciplines, at a time convenient for them.

TMR’s Maestro  will add video content each month providing subscribers with new sessions and learning opportunities on a continuing basis for a total of 50 video sessions!

So check back in each month with for new sessions and new content!

Here’s What’s Included with Your Maestro Series Backstage Pass

  • Video sessions covering legal, accounting, service fees, customer relationship management, sales, digital marketing, public relations and more will be added each month, providing subscribers with new sessions and learning opportunities on a continuing basis for a total of 50 video sessions!

  • Guaranteed VIP access to TMR’s peer to peer MasterAdvisor Series

  • Early release of premium Travel Market Report research, insight and breaking news

  • VIP Discounted Travel Market Place and other TMR conference registrations

  • Access to exclusive Facebook Private Group and social media exposure across all of TMR's platforms


I love it. It's my favorite professional development tool.

Michele Schwartz, Makin' Memories Travel

My friends call me a conference and professional development snob. And, they're not wrong--each year (and this year more than most) I invest heavily in my learning to become a better manager, increase my expertise in the industry and stay on top of trends. The Maestro Series has been better than many conferences I attend on an annual basis. I love the ability to watch, re-watch and find the training I most need at the time. And, the access to the experts whom I learn from and enjoying hearing is the best in continuing education. Thanks TMR for this new tool in our tool box.

I love this series. It's very helpful and valuable!

Alli Allen, Travel Edge

TMR's Maestro Series is a carefully curated series of course offerings for travel professionals taught by experts in each course category. The classes can be accessed at your convenience and you can pick and choose those subject matters that are of most value to you and your business.

Thank you to TMR for putting together this series, a great way to bring us all together in a time when we need it.

Anita Bornemann, Professional Travel Services Inc.

The Maestro Series has been informative and helpful, and in my opinion, has brought us as an industry together. As we move forward, when we support each other it lifts us all to success.

Subject Matter Experts Include

  • A legal “Dream Team” series that includes Rose A. Haché, Esq., CTIE who will tackle a “Legal Seminar for GDS Subscribers During COVID-19 and Beyond,” Rodney Gould, who will inform you on "E&O Insurance and Liability in case a consumer contracts COVID-19,” along with other lawyers including Jeffrey Ment, Chun T. Wright, Timothy Law, Doug Crozier, Daniel Zim, Tom Carpenter, and Sue Bendavid.

  • Bob Joselyn, president and CEO of Joselyn Consulting Group, founder of TAMS, the Travel Agency Management Solutions company, and author of “Pricing, Service Charge and Professional Fee Strategies for the Travel Agency.” Joselyn will host a series of video seminars on implementing professional service fees in the travel agency community.

  • Lee Rosen, the former CEO, president, GM, and founder of TRAMS, will lead subscribers through “Accounting Principles for Travel Advisors” and Customer Relationship Management.

  • Cathy Decker and Stacy Royal, the co-founders and partners of New York’ Decker/Royal public relation agency, who will lead advisors through the journey of “Becoming a P.R. Pro.”

  • Sandra McLemore, the owner of Travel Marketing & Media and the creator of The Social Media Suitcase, will focus on digital marketing for travel advisors now and beyond.