Join Sandra McLemore, travel digital marketing expert, to learn more about simplifying and organizing your digital marketing campaigns to increase sales and engagement.

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Travel Industry Expert | TV Host | Business Growth Strategist, Travel Marketing & Media

Sandra McLemore

Sandra McLemore is a digital marketing & business growth expert who got her start in the travel business 20 years ago as a retail travel agent. She then worked her way into VP level in marketing, media and PR roles for the world's biggest cruise lines and travel brands. Sandra is also a renowned tv host and personality on network television. She is also a go to resource for the media on all things travel related. Sandra used her 20+ years of travel industry experience to create TRAVEL MARKETING & MEDIA, a marketing & business coaching agency for travel brands. She is also the creator of SOCIAL MEDIA SUITCASES and TRAVEL MARKETING REVOLUTION. The programs help travel business owners and advisors to get a consistent flow of new clients through smart marketing strategies. Over 12,000 travel agents have taken Sandra's online training, and signed up for her digital marketing solutions.

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    How to Get a Consistent Stream of New Clients

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    Why Posting On Social Media Won’t Bring You New Clients

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    How to Pick the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business - COMING SOON

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    How to Upload an Entire Month of Posts in Less Than 40 Minutes - COMING SOON

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    How to Create a High Converting Lead Magnet - COMING SOON

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    How to Plan Fresh Weekly Content for Your Email Subscribers - COMING SOON

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    How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Platform - COMING SOON

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    How to Setup an Opt-In Form and Connect It to Your Lead Magnet - COMING SOON

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