This question has been asked for many, many years in the travel agency community and the answer is unequivocally yes! Why because you provide a valuable service to your clients and  you have the knowledge and expertise they need and want! While it is of course a personal business decision ,research shows that those travel businesses who do charge fees for the service they provide not only make more money but are perceived as being more valuable! Learn how to implement this important advantage in your business!

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President & CEO The Joselyn Consulting Group

Dr. Robert Joselyn

Dr. Robert Joselyn (Dr. Bob) has been advocating for travel agency service fees since 1984 when he wrote the book “Pricing, Service Charge and Professional Fee Strategies for the Travel Agency”. Over the last 36 years he has done service fee presentations, training and consulting in 55 countries. In addition to prior ownership of travel agencies and consortia management, Dr. Bob and The Joselyn Consulting Group consults with clients at all levels of the travel industry distribution system. Dr. Joselyn holds degrees in engineering, an MBA in Marketing and a PhD in Operations Research. He is the author of seven books.

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    The Traditional Travel Agency Business Model: A Ticking Financial Time Bomb That No Longer Works

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    The Six Consumer Types That Have Been Decreasing Your Compensation and What to Do About It

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    If You BelieveTravel Clients Won't Pay, That's Just Not the Case!

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